Blogosphere is the only real Independent Media

Ironically the biggest issue, which turned traditional discussion boards into news portals and blogs, came from the Sep11th attack, an event itself, which is critiicized as a historical fraud, by many bloggers and netizens, who turned themselves into the 9/11 Truth Movement.
If political and investigative bloggers, either right- or leftwing leaning, would appreciate the content of evidence on that matter, the online independent media would even become more poweful and a new economical phenomena.
CNN, FOX and MSNBC are already dead.
Last week, Tom Curley, president and chief executive officer of The Associated Press, finally spoke out:
„…The Internet will change the way news is provided to the world by giving consumers the power to demand and receive any sports score, analysis or breaking story instantly, the head of the world’s largest news organization said.
Newspapers, TV broadcasts and even fancy Web pages will have less meaning as people use Web-surfing programs and recording devices to pick and choose items from various providers, dictating exactly what news they want, when they want it and on which electronic devices they want to receive it, said…”
If more people would work on a revised version of the Sep11th attack and their disturbing fascist outcome, the next wave of political blogs would turn into a dynamic dream fiest.
Traditional Journalists already sold out for corruption and military. Online bloggers are able to reflect most if this hipocrisy.
Conventional media has to rethink. Their bias is outdated, ONESPEAK will not happen
Nico Haupt, GlobalFreePress

Dupa parerea mea…un articol extraordinar.



Despre almiphoto
Pasionat de fotografie, muncesc fotografia, traiesc din ea, mereu cu aparatul langa mine.

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  1. ewing2001 says:

    excellent and thx 🙂

    lotta things happened since then.

    Maybe you wanna check out and

    All the best to Romania 😉

    nico haupt aka ewing2001

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